dass – že

dass(subordinating) thatIch habe gehört, dass du krank bist.I was told that you are sick.(subordinating, chiefly colloquial) so thatSynonym: damit (standard usage)Beeil dich, dass wir bald losfahren können.Hurry up so that we can take off soon.Usage notes[edit]The acceptability and use of dass and daß has varied over the centuries. Daß was more common until at least 1871. Dass was deprecated in 1902 following the Second Orthographic Conference. (In Württemberg, Saxony and Prussia, dass had been deprecated earlier in the 19th century.)[1][2][3] Daß was more common from 1902 until it was deprecated and dass was revived by the 1996 Rechtschreibreform.[4]

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