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Bokmål = 19th-century Danish dialect spoken in Oslo with a few, mostly cosmetic amendments.Nynorsk = pidgin mixture of mostly-Western-Norwegian dialects spoken in the early 19th-century.Bokmål = originally the language of the intellectual, political and financial elite from South-Eastern Norway that was attached to Denmark.Nynorsk = originally the language of some national-romantics from Western-Norway who wanted to linguistically break away from Denmark.Bokmål = “book-speech,” a rather simple and straightforward, if sometimes overtly formal written-language stemming from Danish which does not bear any relations to spoken-Norwegian, bar that of (the non-kebab areas of) Oslo.Nynorsk = a pretty odd written language that imitates in many ways Icelandic/ Old Norse but whose spelling reflects Norwegian dialectal speech quite well in most cases.Bokmål = today the language of the vast majority of Norwegians, especially urban-onesNynorsk = today the language of Bergen and Telemark people, as well as some country hicks and communists.

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